“Raven Mother”

Print on fine art paper: $100

Go HERE to read about my process for this painting.

"Sentinels" Print

“Sentinels” Print 11″ X 21″ on German Rag paper $150


“Intertwined” Print 8″X22″ German Rag paper $150

“Blue” Print, 11.5″ X 21″, German Rag paper $150.00

“Heron” Print, 10″X 29″, German Rag paper, $150.00

Fat Little Bird Series Prints

3″ X 3″ on acid free paper. Art alone: $18 each. If you wish to have me frame it, let’s talk.

“Fat Little Humming Bird”


“Fat Little Robin”


“Fat Little Frankie”


“Fat Little Doodle Bird”


“Fat Little Owl”


“Fat Little Chickie”




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