Sip of Art

Sip of Art

Offered to individuals and groups between 6- 60 people (Note: pricing for one-on-one or groups smaller than 6 available upon request).

To book call: 780 218 4747

To complete a painting in 2-3 hours, while having fun, and even learning some art techniques (even for the rookie!), Margot, having had over 15 years of instructing kids and adults, has put together  a special recipe of arting guidance.

  1. Hold an event in your house! If your space can handle 6 individuals (minimum $270), and you want to be the host to your friends or coworkers., this is your option. You supply the hostessy things…beverages, appetizers etc, in whatever manner you want and I bring all the artsy stuff. Each home is different, so this will require some emailing and phone conversation. And you choose the painting!
  2. If your home is not big enough to handle the number of guests you wish to host, hold a private event at a location of your choosing (check with me to see where I have connections). All of the hostess and artsy information from #1 applies here too.
  3. Don’t want to arrange anything? Come, with your own beverage and your fun-artist-hat on, to one of the prearranged public events…call to find out where there’s one in your area: 780 218 4747
Painting Choices:
“Morning Moon”
“Fence and Flowers”
“Chickadee” is LOADED with art instruction! Allow for 2.5-3 hours for this painting.
“Field and Bales”
Field and Bales can be done on a long, landscape-style canvas upon request.
“Birch Forest”
“Cat Tails”
“Lotus Flower”
Mehndi or “Mehendi” is a form of body art from Ancient India, in which decorative designs are created on a person’s body, using a paste, created from the powdered dry leaves of the henna plant. This painting is done with a combination of paint and drawing. It’s very fun!
“We Three”
Great for kids and adults! This is a perfect one for a Mom and child Sip of Art!
“Love Birds” Great for beginners.
“The Buck” has some mixed media elements!
“Elephant Love”
Seen here are 2 different paintings. This is to show that these would make an excellent couple’s painting. Some art experience recommended.
“Funky Flowers”
“Proud Peacock”
Come back and look for more paintings. New ones are being created as we speak!
Q:What if I’ve never (or at least not recently) painted?
A: COME! Especially if you haven’t recently, or ever painted, let’s get you started. All skill levels welcome. Each session and each painting includes some art instruction, and with each brushstroke you will gather more skill. You may pick up a little tip here and there, even if you are a seasoned painter. *NOTE, Seasoned Painters must come with an attitude of merriment and curiosity.
Q: Will my painting look better or worse after drinking (whatever beverage I bring)?
A: YES. (confused? maybe it’s the drinking). Seriously, though, if you choose to drink, please arrange for a ride or designated driver. Also, neither Margot nor the host of the party is responsible for the drunkenness of you or your painting.
Q: Will you bring two projects so that people may choose one? Or, can I work on two projects at a time?
A: Just one painting at a time, Speed Racer! Margot’s challenge is to develop paintings that can be done in just 2 hours, and to be able to help each individual, no matter their skill level. This requires all the attention and care she can muster in that 2 hours. For that reason, only one painting will be the focus of each session.
Q: Can children attend?
A: Many events are intended for adults only*, for 3 reasons:
1. The paintings and instruction were created with an adult’s psychology in mind. Margot has instructed children’s art for many years. Children’s brains are developing and will process the information differently, so even if the child is creative and loves art, they will not be at the same developmental stage of the adults in the room. Having said that parties for kids exclusively can be arranged as well.
2. There is limited time in these fast paced sessions. There are instructions given that are geared toward adults, and would have to be changed in order to accommodate a child. Each type of instruction takes more time, which may, in turn, create a lack of time for Margot to spend with each of the other students.
3. And finally, with consideration to the other folks in the room, who’ve paid for this experience as an implied adult-only (alcohol served), we respectfully ask that children be included only after discussing the above considerations with the instructor.

*That being said, kid’s events are now available. Excellent options are “We Three” and “Proud”

Q: Can I hold a Sip of Art outside?
A: In Alberta, the answer for anything outside is “Maybe!” Subject to time of year (June is best, due to the long days) and the weather, which is not predictable enough to absolutely commit to an outdoor event, but if there is enough space inside to move due to inclement weather, then it’s possible. Please consider asking your guests to help transport tables and chairs inside in an emergency!





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