You Choose How: Workshops and Classes

So, you’d like to hold a class in your house or at a location near you! I hear you. For years, I’ve listened to what folks want to do with their friends and family in the comfort of their homes and have tailored classes and workshops to their desires.

What it takes:

  1. The desire to host a workshop or class
  2. A distraction-free space in your home (or one of yours or my choosing),
  3. Some agreed-upon dates, your friends, family and/or coworkers.
  4. Based on the above 3 things, I will work out an affordable price, then we’re golden (and purple and green)!

Here are some of your choices from my repertoire of classes. If you don’t see what you want, talk to me and I’ll arrange something that suits you!

But first, a couple of definitions:

Workshop: Usually 1 or 2 days, often, but not always consecutive, and often on a weekend, 3-5 hours each day.

Classes: The sky’s the limit here! Choose a one-day option, or book me for 4, 6, 8 or 10 weeks on the same day each week. The best times to arrange for classes:

Fall Classes: in July and August

Spring Classes: October and November for Winter.

  • Watercolour for Beginners- all skill levels welcome. We get you outfitted with supplies with minimal cost (small commitment, just playing and sampling). Then you get to learn a few of the many tricks, in bite sized exercises, of this beautiful art form. I teach about materials, equipment, colour blending, and much more.

    Watercolour Workshop

  • Watercolours Mini Paintings- Applying what you learned in Watercolours for Beginners to small paintings, which can be used for greeting cards or small frames. This could be considered level 2 for watercolours.
  • Drawing 101- for beginners, learn line value, texture, shapes and relationships. Depending on how many classes you’d like, you’ll progress from the very basics to being able to see how to draw an object, to execute shading and more.
  • Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain- a class that goes deeper into the process of drawing. It’s work, but of course with work comes results! Take your drawing to the next level. Learn how to apply some age-old techniques, use a few different mediums (like charcoal and coloured pencils). This course takes the dedication of 10-12 classes.
  • Decorative Mask Making- great as a team builder for adults, at a retreat, or a teen project or for,6-12 year old budding artists. The finished pieces in a group are often so different, and creative! The face as a canvas allows for much introspection and individuality.
  • Mosaic Mirror- create a small, decorative mirror, learning some basic mosaic skills.
  • Art Journals-…. what is that, you ask? Take some art supplies (usually mine, since I have way too many), play with them, filling your creative heart’s desire (I show you some tricks and tips), following a theme for an art journal page per class, and fill your journal with your own images and words. It becomes a keepsake of your artistic and heartfelt expressions. Great for homeschooled teens, or moms. Also good for self-lead therapeutic purposes ie: grief, stress or illness relief. 
  • Click here to read more about Sip of Art 
  • Nature Journals- Combine the beauty of Art and Nature. Now, add the intrigue of the ever-changing nature of Nature. Whether you are interested for yourself, or for your child, this is a perfect way to reconnect with your natural surroundings. With a little bit of art instruction and my Permaculture experience and knowledge, we will go out into a natural area, observe and document for later viewing, what you have seen and learned about.
  • NEW! Art Box- For remote or distant learners, I offer a mail-out box of goodies. The contents of each box is determined by what we discuss as your preferred art project, price level, and length of time for completion of the project.  We work together, using a variety of computer tools (access-only youtube videos, private facebook group, etc).
  • Do you have other ideas? Let’s talk:
  • If you’d like to see the classes I have on the go, please click HERE


Mixed Media/Mandalas

21 Sunflower paintings from a corporate Sip of Art party (large group! Could be fewer…6-40 people)

Mosaic Mirror


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